Acoustics and Musical Studies

I am driven by my passion for music: from its creation, to the technologies required to capture it and transmit it in our physical world. I share my creativity and curiosity towards the intellectual challenges of innovation, acoustics and composition.Odds Monkey

Loudspeaker Design

Designing a speaker system is a demanding engineering task, a delicate blend of knowledge, research, and musical taste.

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Audio and Signal Processing

From mobile phones, to TV sets, from portable speakers, to car systems, digital signal processing is a winning factor.

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A car sound system is a special case among active multichannel ones; it requires the highest standard in terms of reliability and performance.

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Architectural Acoustics

Designing spaces for speech and music applications is a major topic in acoustics.
It's also great fun!

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Education and Research

Academic world and private businesses collaborate to exchange knowledge and commitment, and archive greater results

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A brief overview of my musical education and its connections to my passion for technology

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